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What is your professional background?

We are board certified specialist in Internal Medicine: our international certification and our experience is at your service.

Do I have to install specific software for the teleconsultation?

No, in the reply email we will provide details on how to get in touch with us and which tool to use.

Do I have to bring the animal to your facility for advice?

No, we will organise a telemedicine video consultation to talk about the case directly from your office.

How often can I use the service?

You can contact us whenever you like, or you can choose one of our subscription plans.

What exams do I need to before the consultation?

It is not mandatory to have any specific exams, together we can recommend the most suitable ones.

Does telemedicine replace clinical examination?

No, clinical examination is the only diagnostic tool for effective therapeutic treatment. The advice given to colleagues should be interpreted as clinical suggestions.